Couple Skate Records

Vancouver’s sludge pop group Weed have been putting the young and old in a blissful daze for the last couple years, but just finally released their debut LP. On Deserve, we’re greeted by their obsession with feedback as an instrument and the same murky vocals and death marching drums we’ve come to love. The fuzzed out guitars wrap you in a comforting blanket of noise. Vocals so muddled in the mix they’re like whispers from your memory. There’s a notable maturity to this recording that is reflected in the revisiting of early release themes (like touring life and love) with a new sonic obsession, honed by a deeper understanding. Deserve is the work of journeyman musicians who have mastered their shredding tools.

— Johnnie Regalado

Johnnie is the Program Director at CFUV 101.9FM

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