Ryan Hemsworth

Guilt Trips

Last Gang Records

In his first full-length release, Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth delivers a genre-defying mix of songs that seamlessly blend his array of musical taste. The Halifax native released Guilt Trips on October 22nd on Last Gang Records. Beginning with a haunting piano sound, “Small + Lost” sets the tone with English vocalist Sinead Harnett’s soft tones over an ambient beat, before transitioning into a heavier bass rhythm. Among a smattering of bangers, “Still Cold”, featuring Baths, brings an MGMT feel that symbolizes the unpredictability this effortless listen delivers. From hip hop to synth-heavy beats, Hemsworth’s ability to bring out the best in his collaborators resonates most in the closing song, “Day/Night/Sleep System”, which features hip hop artists Haleek Maul and internet -rap sensation, Kitty. A rarity, this track holds a prominent R&B sound throughout its entirety. Plug in and this 36-minute snack for your ears is sure to go down easy.

— Alex Kerr

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