Perfume Advert


1080p Collection

From Middlesbrough, UK, but released under Vancouver’s 1080p Collective, the duo forming Perfume Advert have a way with experimental electronic music and their house tendencies shine well on 2013’s Tulpa. Opener “Lampers” is an honest muddy house track, which immediately draws attention with a shuffling baseline and swinging lo-fi percussion. “Sand Worm” is a touch of true finesse for Perfume Advert’s take on ambience. Modulated white noise, rolling synths and a simple vocal loop not only creates dense nostalgia across the track, but successfully shows the beauty this duo can create together. Another favourite, “Rotted Out” lays its roots in a heavy groove as chords and vocals slowly morph together. They truly have a grasp on lush ambience, while building rich impressive grooves. Another highlight was “The Drowned World” which showcased the group taking a melancholy approach, coming off both candid and sincere. Though Tulpa is stylistically comparable to experimentalists Actress and Andy Scott, Perfume Advert definitely understand their sound and are here to make their mark with live recordings and minimal post-production. In a music world that revolves around finding the best sound, their approach gives Perfume Advert a unique edge, which only makes them more distinctive.

— Nathan Cramer

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