Moths and Locusts

Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse

NoiseAgonyMayhem Records

Playing a psychedelic and noisy mix of stoner sludge, post-metal, and jangly hard rock, Nanaimo’s Moths and Locusts brings in a diverse mix of influences. Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse, their debut full-length, opens with power on the first track, “Trinity Test.” The strong opener is a slice of pummelling drone mixed with ambient vocal sections and a massive crescendo. Another high point is the album’s atmospheric centrepiece, “High Water Mark,” which acts as gorgeous juxtaposition to the pulverizing sludge. It’s in the album’s extremes — brutal walls of noise and sugar-sweet lullabies — where that the record is strongest, but the pieces that fall somewhere in the middle lack the emotional evocation featured in the aforementioned songs. “Mathematics of Happiness,” an upbeat instrumental, and “Why Am I Normal?” which features a bouncy chant and a fuzzy climax, ends up feeling cumbersome, tedious, and a tad boring. Despite some flaws, this is a strong debut by a band exploring the fringes of alternative music. With a kick-ass wacky sci-fi name to boot, Megaverse is an LP worth checking out by a unique island band.

— Michael Luis

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