Mom + Pop

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the band Lucius takes a modern rock approach on classic soul and R&B with a twist of folk. Fronted by Jess Wolfe & Holly Laessig, with instrumental workings by Dan Molad, Peter Lalish & Andrew Burri; their first full-length album showcases their musical diversity. Starting with soulful folk in the title track “Wildewoman”, then moving into “The Tempest”, which gives you a dreamy pop lullaby. The diversity within Wildewoman makes it more accessible, but at times can throw you in a direction you weren’t hoping for. Where Lucius really wins you over, is in their live acoustic versions. It gives justice to the beautiful chemistry that Wolfe & Laessig — the soul punching groovy girls have with each other; and showcases their ability to tear up your heart with their harmonization and forever changing, but always matching outfits. The album is eclipsed by their live performances, occasionally making the album become the un-romanticized version of the band through too much production. The album is monotonous at moments, but overall these girls draw you into the happy realm of promising indie rock. Give Wildewoman, and the women of Lucius a listen to; it’s certainly worth your time.

— Jocelyn Mudry

Jocelyn hosts Eva Jane Monday’s 2:00-3:30PM and is the Music Assistant at CFUV 101.9 FM

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