All My Fault

Self Released

Like many regional blues groups, Curl has released a CD that reflects what the listener is likely to hear at their live show. Unlike others who choose to record “live off the floor”, Curl has recorded in the studio. Curl is a fine live act, but their CD offers many things that might be missed or ignored in loud, noisy pubs. All My Fault is full of sassy keyboard fills, tasty guitar breaks and the sound is mixed down to highlight bass player Susan Johnson’s considerable skills. The band is Victoria based and has been together for ten years, but it seems only recently they’ve been getting well-deserved attention. The album showcases their versatility and includes blues standards, self-penned songs and a few surprises. There’s a sizzlin’ version of “St. James Infirmary”, which highlights keyboardist Dee Cooper’s jazzy side. Helen Davies handles the lion’s share of vocals, plays guitar, and wrote a number of the songs. Drummer Krista Rossner seems to have perfected that essential blues shuffle. The quartet is mature and savvy in their approach to music; nothing is overdone. What you get are three to four minute lessons in tight song construction across a range of blues based styles.

— Jim Martens

Jim hosts Blues in the Morning Friday’s from 9:00-11:00AM

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