Adam Michalak

Returning To Essence

Silent Season

The newest release from Union Bay’s very own label Silent Season sees Polish producer Adam Michalak contributing a sprawling and sonically dense dub-techno long player. Returning To Essence opens up with “Long Morning” and “Dense Fog”, both clocking in over the ten-minute mark, setting the tone for an expansive adventure into the atmospheric depths of minimalist beats and ambient bliss. With track titles like “Shadowy Horizons” and “Immersed In Dreams”, I get the sense that Michalak wants the listener to be transported to a place where time ceases to exist. The release deserves the listeners’ full attention from start to finish to be understood sonically. With eight tracks clocking in at 1 hour and 7 minutes, immersion is key, as well as patience. The value of ambient inspired dub-techno is its ability to float through time like it was never even there. Which is something that Michalak achieves to great effect on this release. If you enjoy the minimalism of Gas, or Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works series, you’ll appreciate the rich texture that encompasses the release.

— Ross Currie

Ross hosts Salvaged Sounds Thursday’s 3:30-5:00PM

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