Tough Age

Tough Age

Mint Records

Vancouver garage rock ensemble Tough Age display skillful employment of several genres all ranging from brit-pop to the North-American pop singles of the 50’s and 60’s. Singer and guitarist Jarrett K. delivers a definitive vocal sound, while Penny ‘Agamemnon’ Clark kicks it into gear with her caterwaul of driven, washing bass guitar and sweet backing vocals. Together, Lauren Smith and Chris Martell deliver a rhythm section with a vengeance that lodges in your spine, causing it to sway in synchronized thrill. With a bursting and colourful range of influences from fellow countrymen pioneers like Townsmen and Groovy Ghoulies to British twang like The Buzzcocks and the sombre apparatus of The Smiths. How can one not kick off into pagan dance when their high-octane rock ‘n’ roll anthems “We’re Both To Blame” and “Cocaine Vouchers” scream through your ears in frantic frenzy? How can one not take a back seat to mull over the brooding melancholy of “Have You Seen Her” and “Sea Horse”? Even the less defined track “Dream Date” has an uplifting tone, yet carries classic dark luggage of lost love. Few bands can leave your ears with minty rock ‘n’ roll freshness and heartbreaking emotion like Tough Age.

— Petter Ness

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