Sebastien Grainger

Yours To Discover

Last Gang

Sebastien Grainger is one half of Death From Above 1979, known for their bombastic drum fills and bass riffs best played at volumes likely to blow your speakers. His second full-length solo album, Yours to Discover keys in on DFA’s memorable grooves, but generates them in a less aggressive manner, with nods to 80’s synth-pop. To label an album as catchy usually feels like a cop-out, but there are few ways around calling this album anything else. Grainger builds pop hooks that wouldn’t be out of place on the radio 30 years ago, and the album can certainly be polarizing as a result. “Your Body Works” borders on comical, replicating shameless 80s anthems for getting freaky, but “The Streets Are Still A Mess” will find some common ground with fans of Grainger’s previous duo, with a driving bass line backing up the singer’s scrutiny of urban development. “If the city don’t change, if the city don’t grow / where will the new people go?” asks Grainger on this track. “Let’s Move to NYC” features one of the album’s most contagious staccato grooves backed by steady synths, and what one can only hope is a keytar solo. And if loving keytar solos is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

— Carson Redden

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