Vampire Weekend 

Modern Vampires of the City

XL Recordings

The four New York scholars have blown me away with their new album Modern Vampires of the City. I’ll admit upon hearing that Vampire Weekend was releasing a new album I wasn’t overly excited. I expected it to be a good album with a few catchy “I could see this in a car commercial” songs. What I wasn’t expecting was for them to have a fuller, deeper-sounding album and still maintain that fun, danceable sound that make Vampire Weekend who they are. A good summary of how the album differs from their last two is to listen to the bands first single “Diane Young.” The band still uses seemingly random bursts of synthesizer, but instead of hiding them in the background layers of the song, like in their previous single “Horchata,” it’s right up front with Chris Tomson’s amazing percussion. This gives Ezra Koenig’s vocals more of an opportunity to play around and give the song its Vampire Weekend fun. If you are planning on starting to listen to some Vampire Weekend I recommend listening to their older stuff first, because once you listen to this album you will not be able to go back.


—Jereomy Pelletier

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