Sean Nicholas Savage

Other Life

Arbutus Records


It takes tough guts and an unabashed heart to release an album as emotionally vulnerable as Sean Nicholas Savage’s Other Life. The oblique 80s-style synth-pop falsetto crooning often inspires cringes and face-punching desires in casual listeners, but that doesn’t stop Savage from leaving love laments out in direct sunlight. Every rotation of Other Life peels away the initial layer of superficial glam and the listener is left with some damn honest ballads. Savage’s street cred should be enough to prove his sincerity. His connections to the weird-side of Canadian music run deep: he’s an original member of Arbutus Records, the label that launched Grimes, Majical Cloudz and Tonstartssbandht; Savage was even honoured with a cover song compilation by his Montreal-scene cohorts called Taste of Savage. Other Life contains some of 2013’s best love lyrics: “I need your body, more than I need my own, I need to be with you, more than I need a home” and “I woke up in a nightmare where you don’t love me anymore, no you don’t love me and I don’t know you.” With Other Life, Sean Nicholas Savage has recorded the universal post-break-up mix tape.

—Johnnie Regalado

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