Polydor Records

The dual project of Canadian vocalist and producer Mike Milosh and Danish producer Robin Hannibal; Rhye’s 2013 debut album Women from Polydor is an impressive pilot project. An interesting mix of orchestral instruments, lulling vocals, and an electronic vibe, the album incorporates old with new and treads a wide variety of genres. It skips from snapshots of sweet, gentle tenderness to moments of muddling nostalgia (“The Fall,” “The Verse”). It effortlessly plummets into hot, heavy, breathy and passionate terrain (“Open,” “Woman”) and resurfaces the next instant into disco-like mindlessly happy melodies (“Major Minor Love,” “Last Dance”). Poppy and breezy melodies playfully bounce off of the deep, soulful and jazzy undercurrent that drives the album’s theme of profound, intractable love. Milosh’s breathy and subliminal voice transcends articulation as it seamlessly blends into and out of the background instrumentation. It nonetheless oozes raw, steamy sexuality, and the androgyny of Milosh’s voice erodes the relevance of the male/female binary in love or identity. This impressive album pays homage to this mysterious power love has to dissolve the barrier of space and distance. Woman is an impressive debut and a privileged peek at an intimate and blissful love.

—Jessica Parker

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