Pigeon Hole

Chimp Blood

Urbnet Records


Pigeon Hole gets dark and grimy on their second record, Chimp Blood, as they jump head first into the world of electronic music. Gone are the traditional hip-hop sampling that defined the duo’s work with Sweatshop Union and in its place sit computers and synthesizers. No longer confined by the traditionalist hip-hop ethos that defines Sweatshop, Dusty Melo and Marmalade are free to let their imaginations wander, and wander they do, all over Chimp Blood. “I believe it’s all possible…” opens up “Higher State,” a song that appears to be the most rooted in tradition until the assault of the actual beat opens up and bludgeons the listener over the head. Much of the record flows with the elegance of a lumbering rhino, crashing through anything in its path, but Melo and Marmalade are never as angry and aggressive as the music. In fact, they’re downright having fun throughout all the proceedings. The result is an aggressively fun dance party, an album best suited to score the end of the night when the last gasp of energy needs to be released.

—Blake Morneau

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