Pick A Piper

Pick A Piper

Mint Records


Often times when a drummer steps out from behind the kit for a solo effort they will try extra hard to be as tidy and straight-ahead as possible in hopes of being “accepted” as a front-person. Caribou drummer Brad Weber is not one of those people. With Pick a Piper, Weber has created a challenging little piece of electro chamber-pop. The percussion is, unsurprisingly given Weber’s trade, the anchor that holds everything together. The tribal rhythms of “Cinders and Dust” belie the upward spiraling nature of the vocal tracks, while “South to Polynesia” opens things up with piercing saxophone lines over Weber’s rambunctious drumming. This is a record full of holes, left for the listener to fill in. There’s an almost suffocating amount of space here that allows for the music to breathe with ease, but it’s clear that it is carefully crafted, each sound with a specific purpose. If you’re looking for something that you can dumb-out to, this record isn’t for you. But if you like your music to make you think and work for the gratification, Pick a Piper is a record you should be copping.

—Blake Morneau

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