Math Rosen

Situation City



From the ambient-techno inspired “Raw Sugar,” you might expect Math Rosen’s Situation City EP to favour the post-party comedown rather than packed dancefloors. The following tracks “Listen” and “Boy Is Fresh” waste no time picking up the pace. The wobbly bass-lines, cut-up vocal samples and trap influences belong on the dance-floor. The strength of Rosen’s newest release on the Victoria label Cloudsounds isn’t so much the dance floor cuts, but the slower more soulful ambient-techno inspired tracks such as “Cry” which lend themselves to headphone and home listening. “Symmetry,” the last cut from the Situation City EP, feels rooted somewhere between MF Doom and Aphex Twin and concludes Rosen’s portion of the release. Included on the record is an even slower version of “Raw Sugar” remixed by fellow Ottawa producer Cabaal. “Boy Is Fresh” gets the remix treatment by Victoria’s own Olav, who slows down the original cut considerably, making for a nice downtempo instrumental hip-hop track. While label-mate OKPK gives a compressed techno version of the original track. Math Rosen’s newest album is a good indication of Canada’s burgeoning electronic music scene, a recommended listen for fans of drum ’n’ bass, IDM and hip-hop.


—Ross Currie

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