The Great South-East


If the Island’s music scene were similar to any major league sport, Owen Hooper (aka LOMBOK) would be a contender for Rookie of the Year. The Salt Spring native’s freshman, self-titled EP is a six song collection gleaming with refined dream-pop hooks and exciting developments. Despite being just out of high school Hooper’s release is already worth comparing to the likes of Youth Lagoon, another accomplished pioneer in this genre. His craftily layered synth kick and click to compliment his clear, reverberating lyrics. Dynamic and shifting, this EP celebrates the livelihood of the summer seasons in the form of an ode to Hooper’s nine-month journey through Indonesia. Playful in tone, Hooper’s upbeat first crack at recorded material is obviously missing some professional aspects (as any debut and label-less album should). Conveniently for LOMBOK, the album compensates by getting your feet tapping and head bobbing to its ear wormy tracks. Noteworthy songs include “Bahasa,” a loop-filled joy ride, and “We Don’t Know,” a reassuring tune for the directionless optimist.

—Samuel Merritt

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