By Ross Currie

Every time a group of people get together to make music, it’s hard to tell what the outcome will be. For the members of Victoria seven-piece band Man Made Lake, the original goal was a modest one. “We started practicing together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and our original ambition was to one day play a show,” says lead-vocalist and guitar player Colin Craveiro.

Before achieving this goal, founding members Craveiro and keyboardist Nate Bailey saw their formative years as a band take shape in Wuhan, China. Where they played festivals in shopping malls and opened up for bands like Great Lake Swimmers and The Thermals.

“We did as much music in China as we could,” adds Craveiro. Allowing the band to hone their sound outside of a North American audience. “We had never played live before, we assembled some instruments out of nowhere, and it almost seemed less nerve racking for us to play in front of an audience that doesn’t really know what we’re saying… We didn’t feel there was as much judgment,” says Bailey.

Since then, the group has morphed into a seven-piece band, drawing from the various influences of each band member ranging from blues, classic rock; 90’s alternative, and doo-wop to modern indie rock. “Having seven guys in the band makes it so that there’s a ridiculous amount of influence, so quantifying and picking out different influences is very difficult… Each person really puts a lot of themselves in the music,” says lead-guitarist Stephen Parker. This dynamic is something that the members of Man Made Lake use to their benefit. “It really makes us have to listen to the music and pair down, rather than over exaggerating it… We have to make sure with seven people that we’re focusing on doing less rather than more,” adds drummer Morgan Hrdesky.

After releasing their full-length record Murky Waters in January 2012, the band recently released the Zinc EP, which the band describes as “just a taste” of what’s to come for their full-length set for release in October.

“We want to focus on a thicker dynamic with our recording and studio presence. I think we’ve made the music that sounds nice, now it’s time to make the music that we truly feel we want to make.” says Craveiro.

With hard work and an enthusiasm towards their sound, the band continues to push themselves as musicians. “We’re just working our asses off to make good music. That’s all we want to do. We just want people to enjoy it, we want people to come see us, and we want people to have a great time,” says Hrdesky.

This honesty towards their music is something the members of Man Made Lake share. All seriousness aside, the band collectively agrees to “having a blast” making their music. Which is something that’s getting harder to come by these days.

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